PASCAL Bootcamp 2010
Marseille, 5-13 July
Courses Organisation

Each bootcamp day will be devoted to the presentation of a particular theme. For each theme, during the first half-day, participants will receive an initiation to the fundamentals of the domain. The second half-day will be dedicated to applicate aspects. In paticular, each day, exercises sessions (on a computer or not) will enforce the theoretical contents of the lecture. All courses will be filmed and displayed on Videolectures.


The following schedule is provisional and will consequently be modified in the next weeks. The topics of the courses and are definitive.

Morning (8 AM)
Afternoon (2 PM)
Monday, July 5th
Introduction to Machine Learning
Tuesday, July 6th
Probability and Mathematical Needs 1Probability and Mathematical Needs 2
Wednesday, July 7th
Graphical Models 1Graphical Models 2
Thursday, July 8th
Kernel Methods 1ML for Natural Languages Processing 1
Friday, July 9th
ML for Natural Languages Processing 2Kernel Methods 2
Saturday, July 10th
On-Line Learning 1On-Line Learning 2
Monday, July 12th
Panel sessionGrammatical Induction
Tuesday, July 13th

Here is the list of teachers of the bootcamp:
  • Introduction to Machine Learning : Iain Murray
  • Probability and Mathematical Needs : Sandrine Anthoine
  • Graphical Models : C├ędric Archambeau
  • Kernel Methods : Liva Ralaivola
  • ML for Natural Languages Processing: Georges Linares and Joan Andreu Sanchez
  • On-Line Learning: Roberto Paredes

A detailed planning is available here.

Courses Materials

General Machine Learning
  • Tom Mitchell. Machine Learning
Matlab Code

  • Coming soon...
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