PASCAL Bootcamp 2010
Marseille, 5-13 July

Registration Page

This page displays all needed informations in order to registrate for PASCAL Bootcamp 2010. The hard deadline for registrations is May 15.

Registration Conditions

Registration is opened for graduating or PhD students in Machine Learning and connected fields. In order to registrate, you need first to sign in and then to fill the form above. You then have to send a copy of your student card and a recommendation letter to the following address:

Bootcamp PASCAL 2
38 rue Joliot Curie
13453 MARSEILLE cedex 13

by fax to the following number: +33 4 91 11 36 02.

or by mail to bootcamp organisators.

Because of the very limited number of available rooms, we reserve the right to refuse applications and to select candidates. The
hard deadline for registrations is May 15, we should be able to give our decision around May 20.


All registration fees, accomodation fees, breakfasts and lunches are paid by our sponsors.

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