PASCAL Bootcamp 2010
Marseille, 5-13 July

Welcome on the FAQ of PASCAL Bootcamp 2010

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I do not belong to the PASCAL2 network. Can I participate to this event ?
    The bootcamp is open to everybody. But in the case where we will receive too many candidatures we may give priority to students coming from a node of the network.
  • I've already started my PhD. The call to participation clearly states that the bootcamp is aimed at master students or students about to start a PhD. Can I participate to this event ?
    The goal of the bootcamp is to form students who want to do a PhD in Machine Learning. Therefore, if you have already started a PhD in ML you may not learn a lot during the bootcamp. But if you think you need a deeper understanding of the field, or if your PhD is not about ML (but about a closely related field), then you are welcome to postulate.
  • How to go from the Vertigo 2 hotel to St Charles campus ?
    You must walk to reach the metro station Vieux Port (5 minutes) and then take Line 1 (blue on subway maps) towards La Rose. The campus is located near the Saint-Charles Station, which is the second stop on this metro line.
  • Is it possible to arrive in Marseille the day before the bootcamp ?
    10 rooms (for 40 persons) have been booked for students from the 5th in the) evening to the 13th in the morning. This is why the bootcamp starts the 5th in the afternoon and ends the 13th in the morning. Due to budget limitations, students who would like to come or leave at another date have to pay by themselves additionnal hotel nights.
  • When will start the first session of the bootcamp ? When will end the last session ?
    The bootcamp will start on July 5th at 2 PM and will end on July 13th at 12 AM. The first day of bootcamp, a registration desk will open in Saint-Charles at 1 PM.
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